Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Infant Carriers 

The article "Car Seats Are for Cars" in Mothering magazine questions the modern-day practice of toting newborns around in those little plastic bucket seats with handles.

Just before David was born, I really wanted one of those, but George didn't think it would be worth spending the money for. We got a regular carseat (a Britax Boulevard) that worked for infants through toddlers. But a friend lent us her infant carrier/car seat, so we ended up having one anyway. I also had a hotsling that I splurged on because I followed a link to their web site and thought they looked cute and useful.

The car seat carrier was useful for a little while, but I soon found that with a 10+ lb. baby it was too heavy and awkward to carry. I started using the sling more, and bought another one. We did use the stroller a lot - it was like a rolling bassinet. But the sling was just so much simpler and more compact.

I hadn't thought about the mom-baby interaction aspect of the sling; it just seemed the simplest way to carry David around with me. Now I'm glad that I spent that money on a piece of stretchy fabric and just borrowed a carrier.
David in carrier David in sling



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