Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Romans 16:17-27
The writer certainly chose an unusual verse to focus on, verse 20. But what he says about it is relevant to the preceding verses, the meat of this passage. It is tempting to follow a charismatic leader who stirs things up, pitting "us" against "them." But Paul warns that this kind of strife serves only such a leader's ego, not God. It is easy to see, as the writer notes, how someone could interpret verse 20 as condoning violence. But my study Bible points out that Paul's words echo Genesis 3:15. He's not saying that God will win a violent and spectacular victory over Satan, something out of the latest summer blockbuster; he's saying that God will end sin for good.

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Sunday, July 28, 2002

I Kings 3:5-12
My, it has been a long time since I've written here, hasn't it! What inspired me to write here today, after all this time, was the sermon at church this morning. Fletcher talked about this passage from Kings, about how Solomon made a good choice when deciding what was most important. I realized that I have been spending a disconcerting amount of time on unimportant things. Like he said, sometimes the intangibles are what's most important, even though we spend more time on things with tangible value, like investments or hobbies or appearance.

Gary, the guy the FDBD writer writes about, has figured out what's important to him: being kind to others. I know that what's important to me is to use the gifts I've been given to show God to others. So if I spend my time online browsing Slashdot and bluefly, I'm not really doing what I most desire. It's time to get back to this blog, because I know people read it, and I never know who might read something that makes them pause and think of something they've never considered before.
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