Friday, August 29, 2003

Psalm 17
The writer for this month tends to find the internal struggle implied in every reading, and today is no different, as she describes verses 9-10 as a battle with the ego. However, I was more drawn to verse 14, in which the psalmist asks the Lord to give his enemies what they deserve, and that there might be enough of those desserts to last a few generations.

It's vengeful language, but it got me thinking how often what our parents or grandparents do and believe affects who we are. Feuds, for example, can last for generations. And how much harder is it for a person to become a Christian when her family scorns the church? Anger, bitterness, and evil deeds can be parceled out to future generations just like love, respect, and blessings can. It makes me glad I have the wonderful family I do, and hopefully I can be as good a parent when I have children someday.

posted by Susanna King 8:23 AM