Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Time vs. Money 

Tight Fisted Miser asks, Can I Be More Frugal? I have the same problem he does with a lot of these "How to Save Money" lists. I already bring lunch and coffee from home, use coupons and a list when I shop, eat out less often, and drive older cars that are paid for.

Beyond a certain point, saving money starts to cost you time. For example, you'll save money making lasagna from scratch instead of buying a frozen one. But that's not a worthwhile savings unless you have the time to devote to homemade lasagna. Likewise, taking your shirts to the cleaners versus ironing them yourself, or fixing up old furniture instead of buying it new.

Really, truly frugal people - bordering on the crunchy - can save a lot of money. As a working mom, that just can't be me right now.

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