Friday, July 29, 2005

Good Sense 

Someone wrote a great letter to The State about the NAACP boycott of South Carolina (yes, that's still going on). With all that's happened in the world lately, the location of an old rag seems less and less important each day. The letter can be found here, the second one down, but I've excerpted the whole thing below because I think it's too good to let it pass into oblivion a week from now when the link expires.
The NAACP is standing firm to its economic boycott of South Carolina, but is it helping or hurting African-Americans in South Carolina?

The NAACP should give more attention to the real issues that affect today's people, such as AIDS, gang violence, low home ownership, job disparities and the increasing number of African-American men being incarcerated.

The boycott is only hurting African-Americans because it will begin to affect jobs, and nine times out of 10, the people who will lose their jobs will be African-Americans.

I am an African-American woman, and while I don?t agree that the Confederate flag should have been taken off the top of the State House and put in front of it, I believe there should be a better way for the NAACP to support this issue than an economic boycott.

In the long run, what?s more important — a flag and its history or the well-being of our people?


West Columbia


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