Thursday, July 20, 2006

Quick Beauty Fix 

pictureSometimes I have a bad hair day, bad face day, and nothing-in-the-closet-fits day all at once. Maybe I stayed up too late the night before, maybe I'm just not feeling well. Whatever the reason, I've learned that on a day like that there's no point in spending hours in front of the mirror trying to make myself look good. That will cause nothing but frustration and a foul mood. Instead, I go for the quick fix: bright lipstick and big earrings.

I know, it sounds too easy. But believe me, with a layer of MAC Russian Red on your lips and those chandelier earrings your niece gave you for Christmas hanging off your lobes, no one will notice the bags under your eyes. On the desperate days when I employ this beauty remedy I've even gotten complements on how I look. Just take a look at the not-so-flattering picture of me to the left. See what the lipstick and earrings (courtesy of Photoshop) can do?

Note: this fix may not work for you if you already dress like this every day.


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